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Welcome to Drunk On Books, a podcast for the drunken reader in you. Lolo, Valkyrie, and sometimes their guests will discuss a book over their favorite cocktails (or drinks they attempted to create and failed miserably, but we don’t believe in wasting liquor). So join us as we attempt to navigate the literary world under the influence of alcohol, but please don’t ask us to say our ABCs backwards. Please be forewarned that this podcast is NSFW and full of all types of shenanigans. There’s honestly no telling what might come out of our mouths.
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Oct 31, 2016

Today we warmly welcome Jeanette from the Better Than The Movie podcast to discuss what is hands down the best autobiography we've read in ages - Every Little Step by the incomparable Bobby Brown. Listen in as we dissect this every lovely morsel of storytelling - from the fryer to the two-piece. It's a stunner!



Oct 24, 2016

Every read a book where the lead male is irredeemable worthless? We hadn't either. Until this one. This week Valkyrie and Lolo discuss the fantasy classic Wild Seed by Octavia Butler. We have questions, y'all.

Oct 17, 2016

In a fascinating and eye-opening episode of Off The Books, we welcome MissRevDee our favorite recreational stripper to discuss life and the lifestyle as imagined in Tiffany Reisz's novel The Siren. Come get yo learn on.

Oct 3, 2016

This week Lolo and Valkyrie discuss rude ass reviews on Amazon and the quickly segues into the introduction of a whole new genre of books - NFL erotica!! What part of the game is this, and how is this at all legal? Lolo has questions...