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Welcome to Drunk On Books, a podcast for the drunken reader in you. Lolo, Valkyrie, and sometimes their guests will discuss a book over their favorite cocktails (or drinks they attempted to create and failed miserably, but we don’t believe in wasting liquor). So join us as we attempt to navigate the literary world under the influence of alcohol, but please don’t ask us to say our ABCs backwards. Please be forewarned that this podcast is NSFW and full of all types of shenanigans. There’s honestly no telling what might come out of our mouths.
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Drunk On Books


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Feb 23, 2017

This week Lolo and Le Valkyrie go Off The Books With author Albert Scott to discuss writing process, musical accompaniment, and fanfic-ing your own books. If you liked Inception you'll love today's podcast!


Feb 14, 2017

Yo. This week's book had both Lolo and Valkyrie shook to their drawls, clutching their pearls and reaching for the liquor cabinet! The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz was everything we've come to expect from the author - then she laid a bomb on us. Follow us through this journey into madness!

Feb 6, 2017

Stephanie from The Lemonade Show joins Valkyrie and Lolo this week to discuss the last dirty book we've read and some dirty genre's that are too filthy. Imagine that. And watch out for that whiskey. It's misbehaving again!

Feb 2, 2017

We're back literary bitches. It's 2017 and we are late! It's Lolo's fault and if she tries to deny it punch her like a Nazi... Or don't. We are kicking off the new year discussing a fabulous TV show and very popular book - The Magicians, by Lev Grossman. Love, love, love!!


Oh, and go Falcons!