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Welcome to Drunk On Books, a podcast for the drunken reader in you. Lolo, Valkyrie, and sometimes their guests will discuss a book over their favorite cocktails (or drinks they attempted to create and failed miserably, but we don’t believe in wasting liquor). So join us as we attempt to navigate the literary world under the influence of alcohol, but please don’t ask us to say our ABCs backwards. Please be forewarned that this podcast is NSFW and full of all types of shenanigans. There’s honestly no telling what might come out of our mouths.
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Jul 25, 2016

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

LoLo: Ginger Beer

LeValkyrie: Ginger Beer AND whiskey (because she always has to be on 10)


Three words to describe this episode: OUT. OF. CONTROL. Hands down, this is our favorite episode so far. Yes, we know we’re only have 6 episodes in total so far, but we’re serious. It’s the best, and our disclaimer about crude language and themes has never applied more. Here’s some direct quotes from the episode:

1) “War, what is good for? Absolutely nothing.”

2) “Once you go minotaur, you never go back.”

3) L: “She rode that man, flipped him inside out…curled right back up into a cat, and went to sleep.”  V: That’s how you do that shit.

4) “Who doesn’t want to see what I Love Lucy got going on behind them polka dots?”

5) “Maybe she felt that every kiss began with Kay and that’s why she wanted to keep that coin.”

“It’s Lit” is an understatement for this episode. Many apologies to Neil Gaiman for the hood review of this book!


Please join us for our next episode where we discuss “A Road Through the Mountains” by Miranda MacLeod!

Jul 24, 2016

Episode 1 is finally live!!

Valkyrie’s not quite sure what she read, but she knows that the Cash Money Millionaires and Young Thug are involved somehow. Lolo is clearly the only person who has an idea of what the Meduse actually look like, even if she giggles wayyyy too hard when Squidward is mentioned. And there’s so slight stanning for Eve’s Bayou because…it’s Eve’s Bayou!!

Valkyrie: Malbec
Lolo: Chardonnay

Join us for our next episode where we will be discussing Lingus by Mariana Zapata!

Jul 24, 2016

This episode should really just be called "That's Actually a Song for you MFers that don't know," especially once you get to Valkyrie's explanation of why this entire book is just one long conversation between Ron Isley aka Mr. Big, R. Kelly, and a cheating ass ho. We also provide you with a brief glimpse into true country life including a livid discussion on dream books and the policy. Please note that this book is a cash Money Production. No, seriously.

Jul 24, 2016

Episode 3 is on and popping with a discussion of “Merrick” by the OGVW (Original Gangsta Vampire Writer) Anne Rice. Join us as we talk about the unapologetically black, cunning witch Merrick as she uses her powers to do everything except what Valkyrie would do, which is screw yo man and win the lottery. And always, things spiral out of control as Lolo leads a passionate discussion about why Louis the Vampire clearly listens to Drake in his spare time. You can’t script this shit.

Jul 24, 2016

Episode 2: Lingus by Mariana Zapata
In this episode, Valkyrie and Lolo ponder the following important questions:
1) How knuck if you buck must you be to make a porn star blush?
2) Why are there never any cute guys around when I’m digging for gold?
3) Do WE need to start going to porn conventions?
4) Can I keep you?
5) How many metaphors does Valkyrie actually know to describe sex?
6) Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Valkyrie: Mango Mimosa
Lolo: Spiced Rum